Biowood Wood Composite Decking

Buy wood composite decking online Sydney

Buy Wood Composite Decking Online in Sydney

Biowood is now selling composite decking timber online in the Sydney region. Buy composite deck boards online today, shipped direct to your door!

Biowood is a composite wood decking supplier, based in Sydney NSW. We sustainably manufacture composite decking that is termite resistant, water resistant (less than 0.05% water absorption), fully recyclable and is proven time tested for residential and commercial application.

Biowood Big Board Composite Decking

The sustainable Composite Deck Board alternative to timber decking. The advantage our customers have when they choose Biowood is that Biowood is 70% wood powder so can be resanded and resealed multiple times.

Why Choose Biowood Composite Decking Materials

Seamless Finish

Biowood’s Big Board Architectural Series Decking features a UV-sealed, hidden-fixture system. This feature allows for a seamless finish with the added benefit of low maintenance and installation costs.

Built For The Australian Climate

Biowood Big Board decking is time-tested in harsh Australian and International climates. Our decking is renowned for its long-lasting UV performance and is UV stable under normal environmental conditions, even in full sun – when coated with Biowood water-based coating

Fully Recyclable

Biowood's Big Board Decking is fully recyclable.

Durable Composite Decking Materials

Resistant to water, mould, mildew, fungal, flame and termites. Biowood Big Board Decking will not splinter, crack or warp and has less than 0.05% water absorption with no adverse effects on chlorine pools or nearby marine environments.

Sustainability Accreditation - Global GreenTag™

GreenTag™ is a third party, green building product rating and certification system. Biowood renewal certification in February 2020, with a Level B award. GreenTag™ certification of Biowood means the design and build communities can be assured of the eco-benefits of a trusted & proven brand. Learn More Here.

Sustainable Composite Wood Decking

Biowood is a Composite Decking Supplier who manufactures Reconstituted Composite Wood and also supplies the final product throughout Australia.

Our focus is not just on the physical, functional, and innovative aspects of composite wood decking. We also take into account the environmental impact and aim to raise awareness of the amount of resources and energy involved in manufacturing such products.

By using sustainable reconstituted composite wood materials to manufacture our products, we are contributing towards maintaining a cleaner environment and helping to minimise deforestation.

When you choose Biowood as your plastic composite decking or wood composite decking supplier, you are making a difference by helping to sustain our environment.

You can learn more about our full range of Reconstituted Composite Wood products on the GRM Australia website

Sustainable Composite Wood Decking

Composite Decking Supplier Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does composite decking cost?

The costs of composite decking in Australia can vary from $100 per sq/m to $500 per sq/m.

Biowood offer two types of wood composite decking which are:

Architectural Series Biowood Big Board Decking Uncoated. This sells for approx $120 m2 + GST

Architectural Series Biowood Big Board Decking Spotted Gum Sanded UV Sealed. This sells for $135 m2 + GST

3. Can I buy composite decking online?

Composite decking can be purchased online by a number of suppliers in Australia. If you live in the Sydney Metro area you can buy composite decking online through our website and have it delivered by Hi Ab direct to your home or worksite.

2. What is wood plastic composite decking?

Wood Plastic Composite is manufactured using recycled thermoplastic and wood fibres.

The plastic is recycled plastic using either hard or soft plastics. Biowood use only hard PVC plastic to create a stronger, longer lasting wood plastic composite decking.


Pros of wood composite decking

  1. Low maintenance. Wood composite does not require as much maintenance as real timber.
  2. UV resistance. Wood composite does not fade like real timber and will retain the natural colour for years.
  3. Durability. Wood composite will no split, crack or rot so is far more durable than real timber.

Cons of wood composite decking

  1. More expensive. Pricing will vary between brands but in general wood composite is more expensive than pine or hardwood decking.
  2. Low quality brands. Some brands can look cheap and have a bad finish. Brands matter when it comes to wood composite.
  3. Slippery. Wood composite can be slippery if not sealed with additional slip-resistance grit
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